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UNDERSTANDING PAL, and how to make best use of us.


It is important to know, how best our clients can make use of our skills set.

What makes us different, is the market knowlege, and how we can work with the factories, to cover their week points.


What suits best the way we work, are, large orders.


As you may understand, to get all the inspection, testing and certification mechanisms, takes time and costs money. 


Chinese factories, work with very large orders, for a small order, less then 10 containers, its not possible to get the factory to accept the order, and therefore implement all the neccessary mechanisms, so often we will have to follow a different route.


Please note

We will not refuse any order, but, we will not be as competitive, if the orders are small. For anything smaller than a container, it is impossible to get an order to a factory, and the final cost will be hindered by the transport fees.


If possible to plan for a full year of orders, instead of placing an order every 2 months, then you will get the best results.

(Next Subpage we have a draft workflow.)




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